KCOY News – Santa Barbara Artist Finds Secret Notes Tucked Away In Sculptures

Stochastic Probability - Francis Dawson

SANTA BARBARA – A community garden has become a lot more than what a local artist intended as he found secret notes tucked away in his sculptures.

The Jardin de Las Granadas is a collaboration of the City and County of Santa Barbara which allows artist to temporarily display sculptures.

The garden on Anapamu Street in downtown Santa Barbara has taken on a life of its own. The current artwork has living plants on it and when the artist Francis Dawson went to water them, he found something unexpected.

He first thought it was trash tucked away in between the wood panels of the sculptures. It instead was the first of many notes from people asking for things like peace and love.

Dawson wanted to engage viewers with his artwork, but didn’t expect something like this.

“It was like wait, this is private and I really thought I shouldn’t be reading this,” he said. “The first one that I found was a note to someone that had to have been passed away and it was like wow, what did I just find?”

Dawson now collects the notes every time he goes to the garden to water. Some of them are just a few simple words but others are notes to loved ones. Children have started tucking away pieces of paper as well.

So far he has collected more than 30 notes. Dawson doesn’t know what he will do with them but a fellow artist suggested he turn them into a book.


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