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Living Wall Design & Planning

Establish initial plan:

  • Living Wall Concept Design – Exterior or Interior Location, Layout, Size
  • Accessibility to Water, Drainage, Sun Exposure
  • Structural Design
  • Mechanical Design – Water Supply, Pressure, Location
  • Electrical Design – Power to the irrigation, lights
  • Timeline – Desired completion date

Living Wall Plant Selection

  • Large variety high quality specialty plant material
  • Temperature
  • Drought Tolerance
  • Wind / Sun Exposure and Tolerance
  • Salt Tolerance for Seaside installations
  • Pest and Disease Resistance
  • Accessibility
  • Transplant Needs
  • Design Intention
  • Sustainability / Manageability
  • Visual Impact


Panel Growth

After plants are ordered, panels are positioned horizontally and plants are rooted into their panels.

Closer to installation date panels are moved to growing conditions similar to final location and set vertically.  (This is important for plants to easily acclimate to their new environment.)

Installation Process

  • Setup staging area and wall protection for working and storing plants
  • Clean installation area
  • Install Hanging Hardware
  • Install Irrigation
  • Install Framing / Trim
  • Deliver Planted Panels
  • Install Panels and Irrigation Drip Lines
  • Hook up Drip line to irrigation valves
  • Install, activate, set and or test sensors and timers
  • Trial run, adjustments, cleaning


Living Wall Maintenance

Plants need to be properly maintained to ensure long-term beauty and survival. I strongly advise a maintenance contract with every installation.  This contract offers a 100% guarantee of the health of your plants, giving you peace of mind.

I personally maintain or use experienced local maintenance personnel to make maintenance visits as needed.

Through proper maintenance your Living Wall will sustain changing environmental influences and create a beautiful, long-lasting piece of art.  Irrigation systems do require routine maintenance to ensure optimal functionality.  Plants require frequent visual inspection, weeding, pruning, and occasionally replacement.

Living Wall Consulting Available

I am available for private ‘one on one’ and group Living Wall instruction.  

Inquire about upcoming Living Wall DIY workshops 805-298-2627

  • Interior Walls & Exterior Walls
  • Private Homes
  • Office
  • Hotels
  • Wine Tasting Rooms
  • Corporate Identity
  • Boutiques
  • Events
  • Trade Shows










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