Santa Barbara – Sculpture


Francis Michael Dawson
"Stochastic Probability"
Plants, redwood, steel, oil, ashes

Thousands of carefully cultivated succulents bloom in life-sustaining,
cylindrical figures in the Jardin de las Granadas. This sculpture explores the mysterious
vibration between our predictable actions and life’s random events. The pillars,
by artist Francis Dawson, have grown into their own life and purpose for
Santa Barbara’s community. Reminiscent of the entry ways to the Shinto shrines
in Japan, Santa Barbara’s community members regularly wedge their small,
heartfelt notes and intentions between the pillar boards.

“My intention is that each person who visits experiences both the present and the possibility.” Francis Dawson

3 Responses to “Santa Barbara – Sculpture”

  1. Deborah J D Pariseau says:

    For me, this garden and these sculptures were both a perfect present and a place of future possibilities, with the shared, heartfelt intentions of two lives joining together. Thank you, Francis Michael for making that a possibility.

  2. Cheri Peake says:

    Every time I’m in Santa Barbara I stop by to check on the sculptures. To me, they are alive, and each one has a presence of its own. They have become like friends I want to visit when I come to town.

    I ran into a young woman who owns a coffee shop here in the Santa Ynez Valley where I live, she told me she visits them, too, when she comes to Santa Barbara.

    Almost every time I see them there is someone interacting with them. When I was there last week I saw a man standing right beside one reading. I got the feeling that he felt connected to the sculpture, and that it was comforting for him to stand near it. I got my coffee next door at the Coffee Cat, sat and drank it, and then returned to see if the man was still there, and he was!

    I’ve also noticed that people put notes in the open spaces in the sculptures, so I figure they also feel a connection. I wish it were possible to video them for a week. I would enjoy seeing all the ways people interact with sculptures.

    It must be very gratifying to be their creator. I’m looking forward to seeing future creations by Francis Michael!

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